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I'm a ramblin' fool...

This is inspired by a post by seiberwingover at fanficrants about
a fairly typical female Decepticon OC.

Standard Disclaimer: A lot of stuff in here is coming straight out of my ass by way of my shaky recollections of things from the cartoon so a lot of it is probably flat out wrong. Be gentle.

Big Long Screed about Gender and Transformers and other Rambling stuff -- if it makes sense, I'll be amazed )

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AmyTex and I were talking today and we think we've finally figured out just what the Combaticons did to get themselves cored.

See, it wasn't that they tried to overthrow Megatron or anything like that, it was all part of a grand scheme to attempt to get out of paying their student loans for the Decepticon War Academy by faking their deaths.

And it was all working perfectly until Starscream -- secretly in league with SallieMae (what, you think they originated on Earth? No way, baby, they're Quints! All of 'em!) -- brought 'em back from the Filing Cabinet of Hiding.

See, it all makes sense!

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This is something that came up in a chat with beckyh2112 as we were discussing Transformer Mary Sues and the philosophy behind the Poor Misunderstood Decepticons (PMD for short):

(Note: a lot of this is being yanked out of the same place where I got the statistics for "Transformers Porn I'd Like to See" and thus may be wildly inaccurate and highly spurious. Corrections welcome. Verifications that I'm not nuts also welcome. Funnel cakes most welcome of all.)

Have you ever noticed that only certain Decepticons/types of Decepticons seem to be the ones who are the proud, misunderstood members of a noble warrior race persecuted for their beliefs by those mean ol' Autobots? It's like there's an exclusive club out there within the Decepticon ranks.

Megatron's a member. So's Starscream. And Thundercracker. And Skywarp (though to a lesser extent; he seems grandfathered in 'cause he's a Seeker). Soundwave might be in there too. Shockwave...nobody seems to have much lovin' for the One Eyed, One Armed Flying Purple People Cannon. Post-Movie, I think Scourge and Cyclonus end up in there too. Maybe Galvatron. Pretty much all the usual suspects in the Decepticon hierarchy and most of the non-canonical OCs, particularly if they're female Seekers.

What's interesting is who isn't on that list: I don't think I've ever seen anybody write a story about what a poor, misunderstood noble warrior Blot is. Or Monstructor. Or Wildrider (or any of the other Stunticons for that matter). Combaticons? Noble? Yes, if you completely ignore that whole "tried to push the Earth into the sun" thing, I suppose you might somehow be able to find some nobility in one of the Combaticons. I'm pretty sure Swindle would sell you his at a discount. Never having been used and all that.

It reminds me of a quote from Grunts by Mary Gentle (which should really be required reading by all seeking to write stories from the Bad Guys' POV). In a nutshell, Grunts is the story of what happens when an stereotypical band of Orcs gets its collective mitts on some cursed modern weaponry and stop being mindless mage fodder and start turning into a force to be reckoned with. Near the end of the book, Barashkukor, one of the orcs with a bit of poetry in his soul is talking to the orc General Ashnak. Ashnak mentions that he's finally figured out what he is. Barashkukor says "A proud member of a misunderstood warrior race?" to which Ashnak replies, "No, a mean mother who likes big guns."

Now, my problem isn't so much that people have conceieved of the Decepticons as said "proud members of a misunderstood warrior race" or even that they're selective about it -- not all Decepticons are going to think alike, after all. What bothers me is that amid all the "proud, misunderstood warrior" talk, there's usually no acknowledgement that simultaneously among the Decepticons there are those Decepticons who consider themselves "mean mothers who like big guns" (or occassionally *are* big guns).

Decepticons are not, as a general rule, nice guys. They are, at best indifferent to humanity and at worst, casually cruel to those who get in their way (though I still think Soundwave picking up a baseball player and yelling "Dirge, think fast!" is one of the funniest lines ever). My own personal darlings, the Combaticons, are a pack of lunatics who decided that the best way to get rid of Megatron was to push the whole freakin' planet he was on into the sun. And I thought I was crabby when I woke up too early...

This is actually one of the things I like about the Decepticons. I like that they're mean, nasty creatures with poor impulse control. It's what makes them fun to write. They're quirky and nuts and generally most enjoyable when they're acting like themselves. They're not victims of anything other than their own failings and egos.

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Being a total nerdlinger, I looked up "Rats" for the Disheveled Pipes story for the 28 Pipes Meme below, which led naturally enough to the Chinese zodiac sign which led, nerdlingerly enough, to looking up the Combaticons' Chinese Zodiac sign.

I used the date of 9/15/1985 because that was the date listed on the script version of "Starscream's Brigade"

The Combaticons are: The Ox:

A Snippet:

Out in the world, though, Oxen tend to be stubborn, dogmatic, my-way-or-the-highway kind of people who have no concept of when to back down. Oxen don't care to be pushed, especially since they think they're the good guys of the Chinese Zodiac. There is some truth to that theory, since the Ox is smart, trustworthy, caring and honorable. If you need honest, steady and unbiased advice, call on the Ox.

Well, the "no concept of when to back down" thing certainly applies -- at least to my version of the Combaticons. Stubborn fits all of them, not just Brawl or Onslaught. Think they're the good guys? Well...not so much the "good" guys but very much into the whole self-interest thing. In my story world, the Combaticons consider themselves Combaticons first, Decepticons second. This is what led to them getting in trouble back in the day and, even now, is what keeps them slightly apart from the other Decepticons.


PS: by Western astrology? They're Virgos. *SNICKER*

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