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My old bio from when this was originally my Livejournal:

Livejournal created for me to post stories and stuff that I don't want appearing in my regular journal and stuff like that.

Name comes from a quote from Starscream in the US Generation 2 comics (#7): *He's telling me that once his new army is fully mobilized, my services will no longer be required. And given my past record of treachery, I doubt that means a pension and a sign that says 'Dunmurderin!'*

More later!

Added 7/1/2007: My Big List O' Fics just hit 88. The list covers fics that I've written since I started writing fanfics roughly five or six years ago. I'm twelve away from 100! So, here's a counter:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
88 / 100

Interests (140):

80s cartoons, 80s music, a-team, age of apocalypse, alchemy, alien abductions, aliens, alternative history, anime, anthropology, aoa, area 51, barbara hambly, benjamin january, big foot, black helicopters, bondage, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, clone wars, combaticons, comics, conspiracies, conspiracy theories, cyborgs, dark fantasy, deadpool, deathlands, deathlands/outlanders, demonology, doomsday warrior, douglas adams, dystopias, elizabeth peters, endworld, equality, esther friesner, fan fiction, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, folklore, future histories, g1, gay marriage, genetic engineering, george takei, ghosts, ghouls, gi joe, groom lake, hauntings, history, horror writing, huffer/pipes, jem, jersey devil, karen traviss, linkara, little mosque on the_prarie, loch ness monster, lost civilizations, magic, marriage equality, meta, military science fiction, military sf, minibots, monk, mysteries, nanowrimo, ncis, nerdiosity, numb3rs, occult, original fiction, outlanders, paganism, paranormal, paranormal activity, paranormal fiction, plug & play, post-apocalyptic men's adventure novels, post-cyberpunk, reading, republic commandos, robert a. heinlein, robert heinlein, robots, runes, sabretooth, same sex marriage, science fiction, sex, shapeshifters, simon r. green, slash, slash fic, space, space opera, spaceships, speculative fiction, spells, star wars, starships, steampunk, supermegatopia, supernatural, superstitions, survival, tanya huff, targetmasters, the brothers grinn, the cat bastet, the clone wars, the philadelphia experiment, time travel, tom corbett space cadet, transformers, transformers fanfic, transformers slash, ufo's, unsolved mysteries, urban fantasy, urban legends, vampire hunting, vampires, walter emerson, watching tv, weapons, werewolves, witches, women's rights, worldbuilding, writers block, writing, writing challenges, x-men: age of apocalypse, xenobiology, zombies
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