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I signed up for [community profile] treatyoselfcomm, (An) exchange "designed to reduce your backlog. Creators signup with works that they want to work on, and then are matched to someone who is interested in helping them. You create for six weeks, and then the archive is revealed with your work(s). There are no restrictions on fandoms, type of work you're creating, or character or ship eligibility.

The story I'm planning on working on is set in my superhero universe, but follows different characters from the book I wrote. Here's the summary I wrote for the challenge:

Summary: First, the Elevator Pitch:Will Cartright is known in Gem City as the 'Shamus Who Knows No Shame' because he's willing to investigate superheroes and help hold them accountable for their actions. Or, as he puts it, "Who watches the watchmen? I do -- for fifty bucks an hour plus expenses."

When his friend Kylie hires him to clear her father's name after her Pop-pop is accused of murdering Titan of the Third Coast Crusaders, Will is reluctant to take the job, but agrees out of sentiment and because Kylie's other father (Howler's ex) is willing to foot the bill for Will's services. Loyalty to a friend is all well and good, but a client with deep pockets is nothing to be sneezed at, after all.

Will has to navigate the world of high profile heroes to get to the truth and save Howler -- and also get paid.

Notes: Will was originally conceived as a "Reverse Batman" character -- namely, he's the child of minor supervillains who were unjustifiably killed by a vigilante hero when Will was a boy. Will has dedicated his life to being the one to keep those with great power accountable to their great responsibilities.

Howler is a Wolverine Expy and the Third Coast Crusaders are X-Men stand ins. Titan is Cyclops; Howler is accused of his murder because of a Logan/Scott/Jean style love triangle. I started this idea years ago and would like to finish it. I really need help in plotting out the Whodunit part of the story.

The genre is prose superhero fiction, along the lines of works like Seanan McGuire's Velveteen Vs. stories or novels like April Daniels' Dreadnought or Sara Kuhn's Heroine Complex. Essentially, this is an attempt at creating a comic book universe using words instead of pictures.

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