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I dreamed last night that I was at some kind of weird-ass LARP-but-not-a-LARP where the theme seemed to be Space Pirates with some kind of fighting of monsters or something. And I was playing a character who was being admitted or readmitted into a group of Space Pirates[1] but who had to prove himself because he was...I dunno, too scruffy/disreputable for the Space Pirates or something? So there was a trial of sorts and my character was having to defend himself to the Council of Space Pirates or something. And of course, since I've been up for an hour or so, I can't remember all of the confrontation but the gist of it was my character telling this council that yes, he was a dirty, no-good, scummy space pirate but a) that's what he was supposed to be and b) he was the sort of dirty, no-good, scummy space pirate who came BACK from dirty, no-good, scummy space pirate fights with monsters or whatever the space pirates were up against. So, yeah, that should count for something in his favor. Unfortunately, I can't remember how things turned out for this character but I wanted to record what I could remember of the dream so that I can remember this guy 'cuz I likes him.

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Complaint about City Confidential: and other TV shows that talk about small-town America. A city with a population of 30,000 people is NOT a 'small' town unless your only frame of reference is cities with populations in the millions. My home town is/was a tenth the size of the city you're talking about. I think I have made this complaint before.

[1] The Space Pirates seemed to be organized on guild/clan lines, kind of like mercenaries or something. This may have something to do with me having gone to sleep listening to a Hardcore History podcast about the Mongols along with other influences like Karen Traviss's Star Wars books.

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