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Just for bragging purposes, I want to mention that as of today I have reached 49,348 words in my Nanowrimo project for this year. I need to write another 652 words to reach my 50,000 word goal.

The project for this year is the post-apocalyptic universe that I worked on last year. Technically, I 'cheated' this year by incorporating stuff that I wrote last year but I also added a LOT of stuff that I didn't have last year and have actually come up with a plot, of all things!

I did something different this year: I wrote the entire project by hand. I haven't typed anything up yet (that starts in December, I am thinking), since doing so usually leads to me spending writing time backtracking by typing. I now have 160+ handwritten pages (in a 180 page notebook) and dozens upon dozens of sticky notes that make the notebook somewhat resemble a football.

But, and here's the important thing: I'm DOING IT this year! I'm actually doing it! And I'm going to finish this damn project and then move on to the damn project from 2007 because this writing thing is kinda/sorta becoming a habit now!

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I'm an hour and a half from the end of Nanowrimo and my word count is 31,065 and since there's no way in hell I'm going to write 18,935 words in 90 minutes, I'm calling it early.

On the whole, I'm not disappointed that I didn't win. Considering that my mom died on day 2, I'm pretty damn proud of myself for not giving up entirely and for planning on continuing. I'm actually having a lot of fun with my idea and it's been interesting to see how it's changed over the last 30 days. I've even decided to take another stab at the idea I started in Nano 2007.

So, y'know, go me! And go everybody else who at least gave a stab at the Nano thang. We rock.
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I signed up today! I'm dunmurderin over there (big shock, I know) for anybody who wants to link up.

I have been working on the Defcon 'verse -- unfortunately, most of the working has not been much in the way of the 'interesting for others to read' variety. But hopefully, this will change in December, if not before.

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