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Because I have trouble remembering some of these names and I want a handy-dandy list to keep track of 'em. The horizontal breaks indicate divisions between groups of related characters. Please note, many of these characters are ones *I* haven’t written about yet, so they’re not fully formed yet. They’re largely just kicking about in the head waiting for inspiration to strike and for them to get called to the front lines and brutally set down on the page. These are largely just notes for my own amusement and reference. This is a work in progress and will periodically be added to as I alter these characters to suit my tastes.

Alt mode: Flatbed hovertruck.
Faction: Neutral
Note: The Combaticons' creator. An arrogant, self-centered, mercenary boor. Worked as an AI designer before he decided to strike out on his own to create the Combaticons using his revolutionary new method of creating personality matrixes. Current status: Deceased. The exact circumstances seem to vary depending on which Combaticon you're talking to. Or in Swindle's case, what time of day you're talking to him. But they are all very definate on the subject of their father's being dead.
Fun Fact: Wrench's first story appearance is in Touch-Ups written by Beckyh2112.

Alt mode: hovercar
Faction: Autobot
Note: The Autobot commander of the last remaining Autobot base on the Baklava Pax. Famed in song and story as the idiot who let the base fall to the Decepticons. Theories vary as to what exactly happened (I.e. I don’t want to give it away here just yet), but all are more or less agreed that losing Baklava Pax was a tragedy balanced out by losing that skidplate for a brain Blindspot.

Pressgang's Recruitment Squad: A group of low-ranking Decepticons used by the Empire to recruit neutrals -- willing or otherwise -- into Decepticon service. The team is a mix of groundpounders and fliers and has ties into the criminal underground of the Empire.

Alt-Mode: Heavy Tank -- Cybertronian design
Faction: Decepticon
Note: Leader of the Decepticon Recruitment Squad that persuaded the Combaticons to join the Empire, Pressgang hails from one of the backwater areas of Cybertron. She is loyal to the Empire, after her own fashion, but is more loyal to her own team. She recruits neutrals by force or coercion, depending on which works best for the individual or how low her quota is.

Alt-Mode: Tank
Faction: Decepticons
Note: Devout follower of Primus, or at least his own particular path on the road to Primus. Pressgang's XO and a stabling influence on the rest of her occasionally rowdy team.

Snag and Snare
Alt-mode: Motorcycles of Cybertronian design. Smaller and sleeker than a Junkion design.
Faction: Decepticons
Note: Twin motorcycles who joined the team as scouts and snipers after wandering away from whoever was their keeper beforehand. They’re quiet and rarely speak more than a few words out loud. The twins are minibot-sized and tend to stick close to Pressgang when not on duty.

The rest of the team, who aren’t fully fleshed out yet:
Overtake -- needlejet
Detain -- Transport shuttle
Tracker -- VTOL jet with hover capabilities.

Alt-Mode Tanker truck. A BIG tanker Truck. Heightwise, she’s taller than Onslaught and wider than Brawl.
Faction: Decepticon
Note: Owner and proprietor of Oiler’s, a cheap, skanky groundpounder dive that used to be on the border of Decepticon and Neutral territory until the line shifted and Neutral territory no longer existed. Joined the Empire for the pragmatic reason that not joining was not an option.

Alt-Mode: Unknown. Possibly some kind of forklift.
Faction: Decepticon
Note: Invoice works in the quartermaster corps and is responsible for making sure supplies go where they are needed. And sometimes to where she wants them to go. Person responsible for teaching Swindle much of what he knows about creative accountancy and how best to make inventory disappear.

Skyhammer -- a fictional character from the propaganda serials written by the Decepticon Imperial Political Warfare Division. Skyhammer is, in our terms, a total Gary Stu intended to inspire Decepticons to greater glory. Only the most naïve tend to think of him in those terms. Very popular among entertainment-starved troops in distant locales. Think dime novels/old movie serials. Or the mindless books written by machine for the Proles by the State in 1984.

Autobot black propaganda versions of these books, called Perihex Glossies, are also quite common and, like the Tiajuana Bibles of our world, can sometimes be rather pornographic. Are sometimes written in a more serious vein and intended to help ferment dissent and rebellion among the Decepticons.

Characters include:
Skyhammer -- fair-haired boy of the Decepticon Empire. A Seeker.
The Tyrant -- Leader of the Decepticons, modeled not at all loosely and in the most flattering ways possible after Megatron.
Dirtball -- Skyhammer’s loyal groundpounder companion. Turns into a tank.
Nova -- The Autobot who defected to the Decepticon Empire because Skyhammer converted him to the cause. Serves the story purpose of giving Skyhammer someone to make speeches at. Looks at cardboard and wishes to be that fully dimensional. Has a car alt-mode.
Twilight -- A Neutral femme who is in a continual should I/shouldn’t I? conundrum about leaving her neutral status behind and joining the Empire.
Convoy and Roadrage -- the dastardly Autobot villains who are always defeated but never captured by the brave and heroic Skyhammer. The most interesting characters in the series by far.

Note: In talking with Beckyh2112, it has been determined that Convoy is a big truck and Roadrage is some kind of souped up Cybertronian car with a big gun.

Velocity -- a minor character, turns into a shuttle.

Scold: -- female Decepticon interrogator, taught Vortex what he knows. No toleration for fools.

Rack: -- male Decepticon interrogator (possibly), friend of Vortex

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