May. 22nd, 2017

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Since it's been a metric-ridiculous amount of time since I posted here, and because I'm killing time before work, here's a few quick bits about me:

1. I wrote a book! It's currently in the form of three notebooks plus two smaller notebooks, plus some loose-leaf handwritten pages and a few typed pages, but I wrote an entire book from beginning to end! It's about 150,000+ words and it's called Omegas: Cake Walk and it takes place in a comic book style universe. The main characters are a group of private security contractors who have to protect a super-scientist's daughter during a super-scientist convention. Shenanigans occur!

2. Next phase is to type up the book mentioned above. And make it make more sense. Toward which, I wrote an outline! Yes, it's possibly counterproductive to write an outline AFTER writing a draft of a book but that is how I roll so...yup!

3. I'm going to be importing communities I created over to Dreamwidth. I started with TFIWTS (Transformers Fics I want to see) and hopefully haven't screwed that up. Fingers are crossed. Currently, not planning on deleting those communities from LJ, just want to back them up to DW and provide a place for people to go instead of LJ.

4. I've tried sushi and I kinda liked it!

5. I learned how to say "I love you" in Arabic thanks to a co-worker who is from Jordan. That was cool.

6. I was going to try for ten things but my brain has decided "NOPE!" so I'm cutting it short at six things. Going to try to make posting here a much more regular thing.

Later gators!

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