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If any of y'all have been wondering where I disappeared to, I've been in the process of moving. Actually, the moving process is more or less complete now, except for various unpackings and stowing away of things and settling in. Including getting an internet connection.

See, we *thought* we'd have internet on Saturday the 29th but due to various screwups and miscommunications with our service provider, we're not going to get an install until Feb 12th. And I have just now finally gotten off my ass and gone to the local library to post about this stuff and...yeah, I suck. I honestly thought I'd be connected and so didn't think to warn folks that I might not. Me, who holds Murphy's Law as the founding principle of the universe.

On the plus side, our new place is very nice. It's a one bedroom but we have a washer/dryer in our very own place which is a luxury beyond price. And we've been able to keep ourselves entertained fairly well without the internet but we're borrowing a friend's Wifi hotspot thingy that'll have us online hopefully tmw so if all goes well I'll be back tomorrow but if not, I'll catch you all on Saturday or Sunday.

Have a good 'un!

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