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I have discovered the Whispersync feature on Amazon.com, wherein if you buy certain books on the Kindle you can also purchase the Audible audiobook version of the book for a reduced price. The two versions of the book can sync to each other, so if you read so far in the ebook you can pick up where you left off when you switch to the audiobook version.

This gives me something to do while waiting for Welcome to Night Vale to update.

The book that I first tried this out on was Wrapped in the Flag: A Personal History of America's Radical Right by Claire Conner. It's an autobiography/memoir about growing up with two parents who were heavily invested in the John Birch Society from the 1960s up until their deaths. The book is a hard read/listen, because Conner's parents are so deeply invested in their Far Right beliefs to the exclusion of everything else. As abhorrent as I found them, I ended up feeling sorry for these people because they pretty clearly lived so much of their lives in fear of a terror that never came -- but that was always just a few short years away.

I learned some things about the JBS that I never knew before, like the fact that the organization was actually opposed to the Vietnam War -- not because they thought the war itself was wrong but because they thought that Kennedy/Johnson/Nixon were all Commie dupes/sympathizers who were actually running the Vietnam War in a way to benefit the Communists. Because...yeah...that makes sense...

Conner wrote the book in part because recent behavior by certain right wing individuals reminded her a lot of the anti-everything rhetoric of the JBS. With reason, since a lot of what we hear from the Tea Party and Fox News is pretty much exactly the same as the JBS's beliefs. Poor people stay poor because they want to; homosexuals are evil; Affirmative Action is racist against white people, etc.

All in all, this was a scary, informative book and I highly recommend it.


Oct. 1st, 2013 05:28 pm
dunmurderin: A clownfish, orange and white, with a banner saying he is NOT a Combaticon!  So no one mistakes him for one, y'know? (Default)
I live, sort of! Went to Disneyworld two weeks ago, for a week, and had an awesome time! Was my first ever visit and it was soooo cool! I rode all the rides -- well, most of the rides...ok, a lot of the rides -- and saw a bunch of shows and heard people speaking all kinds of languages and it was just awesome!

This week? I have a cold! Which is NOT awesome though at least it is not a bad cold and I have the next couple days off and I have discovered Amazon.com's whispersync thingy which lets you buy the kindle version of a book and then purchase the audio book version for a discounted price. So, yay!

Also, new Welcome to Night Vale is out!

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