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In the case of an actual Writer Freak Out I probably wouldn't be posting, I'd be curled up on my bed whining about how much I suck. 'Cause, yeah...

Found this article earlier today: The Writer’s Toolkit: The Alpha and The Omega of your novel. It talks about having a kernal idea for your book and how important it is and at first I was like, "But I don't have a kernal idea!" (complete with whingy self-pity, no extra charge!) but then I actually sat down and read the article when I was awake and found out that the kernal idea can be:

The kernel idea is the foundation of your novel. When I say idea, I don’t necessarily mean the theme, although it can be. Or the most important incident, although it can be. But it can also be a setting. It can be a scene. It can be a character.

Which, yay! I do have! Not just for the book I'm working on but the rest of the books in the series -- well, the other three leading up to the one I'm working on (has anyone else ever started writing a series with Book 4?) so yay, happy!

So, there's a crisis averted...now just to finish writing the damned book.
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