May. 17th, 2007

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I bought my first ever ebook today. I stumbled over it when I was looking for information on writing fight scenes, partly for 7_Conflicts and partly because action scenes are one area in which I know I could use all the help I can get. The book is called Them’s Fighting Words: How to Write Fight Scenes by Teel James Glenn. It’s one of the few actual books on the subject that I’ve found and was definately worth the $6.50

8/5/2007: Edited to remove notes; if you're interested in learning more, I recommend checking the book out. It's worth the purchase price 8) For a more detailed summary of the book's contents, click here: Them's Fighting Words -- Chapter Two (edited 8/5/2007)

In addition, you can also get some advice on writing fight scenes from the following links:

Fight Scene Writing Links )
dunmurderin: A clownfish, orange and white, with a banner saying he is NOT a Combaticon!  So no one mistakes him for one, y'know? (Default)
The notes for Chapter Two have been removed since I do not want to cause offense. If you're interested in purchasing a copy of "Them's Fighting Words" you can follow this link: Them’s Fighting Words: How to Write Fight Scenes by Teel James Glenn. It's certainly worth picking up!

Longer Edit: Chapter Two of the book talked about the reasons for a fight to happen within a story and gives reasons for why a fight might occur -- any of which can be used individually or in various combinations for a particular fight scene. Glenn demonstrates the various points with exerpts from his own work so you can see how these points can be used within a story context.

Brief Chapter Summaries: -- Note, each chaper also has a writing exercise at the end that pertains to the chapter you've read, making this textbook and workshop in one. You can also read an exerpt from the book on the author's website: Why The Fight?

Chapter 1: Do You want Fries with your Violence?: The purpose of conflict -- physical and emotional -- in drama.

Chapter 2: Can't We All Just Get Along?: -- The reasons why a fight might happen (see above)

Chapter 3: Bruise and Consequence: -- covers the use of cinematic techniques in prose storytelling

Chapter 4: How to Build a Better Beating: -- gets into how to plan a fight.

Chapter 5: Autopsy Turvy: -- Glenn dissects in detail a fight scene he's written to show the structure.

Chapter 6: Never Try to Reinvent the Wheel: -- looking to past masters of action-adventure fiction for inspiration: R.E Howard (Conan; Solomon Kane), Lester Dent (among other things, wrote Doc Savage under the house name Kenneth Robeson) and Edgar Rice Burroughs (see chapter 7 description).

Chapter 7: Seeing Red: What the Thark Do you mean by That?: -- a further examination of the works and worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of John Carter of Mars and Tarzan of the Apes.

Chapter 8: Tiptoe on Giants' Shoulders: -- An examination of the work of Alexander Dumas, Sir Walter Scott and H. Rider Haggard, the guys the folks in chapter 6 looked to for their inspirations.

Chapter 9: Wherefore Martial Art Thou? -- Any book on fighting scenes needs to have a chapter on Martial Arts. This is that chapter.

Chapter 10: Is That a Sword in Your Pocket? -- Ditto above, only this time about swords.

Chapter 11: Movies With an Edge: -- The author's picks for the 10 best western swordfight movies.

Chapter 12: Just a Little Nippon Tuck: -- The history of the Samurai.

Chapter 13: Chambara of Good News: -- The author's picks for the dozen best samurai films.

Chapter 14: Fighting with your, not your zipper: -- The use of costume and clothing and how it can shape a combat scene.

Chapter 15: When Styles Collide: -- Mixing fighting styles in a combat scene. The author draws on his experiences as a fight coordinator for TV and movies for this one.

Suggested Reading List: -- The advice in the book makes the book worth the purchase price, but the reading list in the back is just that much more of a reason to snatch this up. Ditto the Suggested Websites List that follows the reading list.

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