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To test the filter, here's a look at the events leading up to World War III in the Defcon 'Verse: A lot of this is a bit choppy because it's notes taken from other sources and fitted in to what I'm wanting. I apologize for the roughness.

January 20, 1981 – Ronald Reagan is sworn in as the 40th president of the United States.

March 1981 – Reagan authorizes a psychological warfare operation against the Soviet Union. The operation involves near maritime approaches by US ships in Soviet waters. These exercises, and a later set performed in 1983, were meant to show the Soviet Union that their borders were vulnerable to sneak attacks by US/NATO forces.

May 1981 – KGB director Yuri Andropov initiates Operation RYAN, an intelligence operation intended to uncover possible US/NATO plans for a surprise, first-strike nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. Because of a loss of détente, US/Soviet relations are at their lowest point since the Cuban Missile Crisis, leading to increased tensions.

November 1982 -- General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev dies and is replaced by Andropov as General Secretary.

January 4, 1983 – Andropov gives a speech in Prauge, to the Political Consultative Committee, the controlling organ of the Warsaw Pact countreis. He speaks almost exclusively about the West's nuclear capability and their escalation in weapons design.

February 2, 1983 – The KGB's London office recieves a telegram instructing them to try to uncover any possible NATO preparations for a nuclear first-strike on the USSR.

March 23, 1983 – President Reagan authorizes the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), colloquially known as “Star Wars.” This is done despite the fact that a joint study considered the program “not technically feasilble” and advised that it should “not be funded as proposed, nor modified and funded.” It is also done despite the fact that it will only increase the Soviet Union's fears of a first-strike.

April-May 1983 – The US Pacific Fleet engages in the largest naval exercises, to date, in the Northwest Pacific near the Kamchatka Penninsula and Petropavlovsk. Further increasing Soviet paranoia.

June 2, 1983 – Andropov meets with former US ambassador Harriman. During the meeting, Andropov referred to nuclear war four times during his first address and specifically mentioned his fears that the US might be moving toward the “red line.”

September 1, 1983 – Soviet jet fighters accidentally shoot down KAL flight 007, having mistaken it for a US PC-135 recon plane.

September 26, 1983 – Soviet OXO satellite detects incoming Minuteman ICBMs in route from the United States. On-duty officer, Col. Stanislav Petrov realizes it is a false alert and, under his own authority, stops the nuclear alert, narrowly avoiding nuclear war.

October 19, 1983 – Military coup in Grenada puts the US and UK on alert.

October 23, 1983 – US Marine barracks in Beirut are bombed; leads to increased security on US military bases around the world which further alarms the Soviets.

October 25, 1983 – US invades Grenada; secret ciphered communications between US and UK prior to this invasion also add to Soviet fears of US and/or NATO first strike.

November 2-11, 1983 – US and NATO begin ABLE ARCHER 83 exercises. The exercises include, among other things, a simulated DEFCON 1 nuclear alert.

November 5, 1983 – Soviet KGB HQ instructs KGB agents in London to begin collecting information regarding an imminent nuclear first strike by the US and/or its allies. While some KGB agents in the West were skeptical of US/NATO plans for a first strike, they were required to report only their findings, not their observations. This did little to soothe fears back in the USSR.

November 8 or 9, 1983 – Telegram sent to KGB residence in London incorrectly reporting an alert on US bases and asking for further info on US first strike.

November 10-13 1983 – An unexpected asteroid strike in the 27 Megaton explosion on the Kamchatka Penninsula sends a panic through the Soviet military and is falsely interpreted as a US first strike. The Soviet retaliation leads to a thirty-six hour long nuclear exchange between the two superpowers and their allies that totals 5,000 megatons.
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I've mentioned in the past that I'm working on a post-apocalyptic world/story setting. Lately, I've been doing a lot of noodling off-line and I'd like to start posting stuff and getting feedback. So far, it's mostly ideas about the world and/or characters, not so much actual story stuff.

So, I'm considering setting up a filter to post stuff and let folks who are interested read along and/or offer suggestions/feedback etc. If you're interested, either post or PM me. For convenience, I'll be posting on DW and LJ under the same filter name (not sure how filters work with DW's crosspost function) so you can apply to one or both if you'd like.

ETA: Having thought about it, I'm going to make these entries open for the time being 'cause I'm afraid of missing out on some very useful feedback otherwise. Defcon entries will be marked with the Cold War Reenactment Society icon and under a cut 'cause some of them will be long.

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