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A backup for my backup at InsaneJournal, created for me to post stories and stuff that I don't want appearing in my regular journal and stuff like that.

The name "dunmurderin" comes from a quote from Starscream in the US Generation 2 comics (#7), where he's thinking about what Megatron is going to do to him once Starscream is no longer useful to him: *He's telling me that once his new army is fully mobilized, my services will no longer be required. And given my past record of treachery, I doubt that means a pension and a sign that says 'Dunmurderin!'*

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Understanding The Tags:

A start on understanding some of my more commonly used tags:

*Fnord -- general interest post about stuff that's probably more interesting to me than anyone else. A way of sorting out non-fic posts from the fic posts. Very much a grab bag o'topics.

fanfic -- Exactly what's on the tin. As is origfic.

character/characters: [name(s)] and fandom: [name] -- pretty much what it is on the tin: characters, either individuals or pairings/groups and/or fandoms that I write about. crossover: [name]/[name] is for fics that are crossovers between two or more fandoms.

genre: -- the general 'type' of story written. Usually followed by one of these modifying tag thingies:

  • AU is 'alternate universe'
  • Gen is a story involving no sexual activity, though romantic/sexual interests may be acknowledged. In other words, for me a gen story is "Optimus Prime and Ironhide, who may or may not be dating, are going out for a drive and may or may not fight some Decepticons."
  • Het fic features one or more heterosexual relationships/encounters/kumquats.
  • Slash Fic features one or more homosexual relationships.
  • Slash/gen and Het/gen are fics where there's no on screen romantic/sexual activity in the story but there's enough attention paid to the idea of either romance or sexual activity that the story didn't strike me as being 'just' a het, slash or gen story. Yeah, it confuses me too.
  • Novelization is when I take part of a canon work and write out what happened, usually using canonical dialogue verbatim and/or describing the action depicted in the canon work. My favorite example of this is Luke 6:42 written from pages 8 and 9 of Marvel GI Joe issue #97.

meta -- non-fiction thinky thoughts about fannish stuff.

Rating: -- The fic's rating, based loosely around the Motion Picture Association Of America (MPAA)'s movie rating system. Generally, I rate a fic on a 'gut-level' -- i.e. what level I think the fic 'feels' like in my gut. This is not a perfect system but it works for me. Warnings for triggers/subject matter/etc. is included with the fic itself.

  • g to pg -- fics with no sex, on-screen or off, though relationships (including homosexual relationships) may be referenced. Mild violence, possible mild language. If these stories were sitcoms, they'd be comparable to older shows like "The Dick Van Dyke Show" or "I Love Lucy" where adult situations were inferred.
  • pg-13 to r -- fics may have on-screen sex. Violence is present and may be harsh. Language can be coarser and may include one or two examples of Carlin's Seven Words You Can't Say on Television. Though, usually the worst is an 'f-bomb'. Comparable to sitcoms like "Everyboedy Loves Raymond" or "Modern Family" in terms of content.
  • nc-17 and up -- fic probably *will* have on-screen graphic sex, a range of profanity and/or graphic violence. Sitcom-wise, this category is harder to figure. Presume that were these fics shows, they'd be running on HBO or Showtime.

series: -- fics, original or fan, linked by a theme of some sort. Followed by the series name.

universe: -- used with original fiction to denote different fictional universes created by me.

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Friending Policy:

If you want to link to me, g'head. It's a good idea to let me know you did, if you want me to link back to you with anything approaching promptness.
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